How to Use Moon Sand

Updated March 23, 2017

The great thing about Moon Sand is that it never dries out. Playing with Moon Sand is a cross between building a sand castle and moulding with play dough. It is perfect for the child who could spend hours on the beach, making castles and then knocking them down. Moon Sand can be used at home, in day cares, on play dates and in nurseries. The possibilities are endless. It is usable as soon as you take it out of the container, ready for building, playing and lots of fun.

Remove Moon Sand from the containers. Immediately after removal, Moon Sand is ready for use; you do not need to add water. If using Moon Sand on carpeting or hard wood floors, it is recommended that you place a sheet of plastic or a plastic tablecloth over the area for easier clean-up.

Craft Moon Sand into castles. Moon Sand can be used to make sand castles the same way you or your children would make them at the beach. Put Moon Sand into a large pile to make sculptures or other figures.

Use sand toys with Moon Sand. Get your bucket, shovel and other sand toys, and pretend you are on a multicoloured beach. Make large hills with the Moon Sand, and get big plastic trucks to climb over them and crush them.

Play with moulds. Moon Sand can be pressed into sand moulds, and will keep the proper shapes. You can purchase special moulds through the Moon Sand manufacturer, or you can use the same moulds you would use at the beach or in your backyard sandbox.

Mix Moon Sand colours to make different colours. Mixing colours is not only a fun way to use the sand, but it is educational to teach children how to mix colours and make new colours.

Store Moon Sand in sealed plastic containers when you are finished using it. Moon Sand is designed to be used over and over again. With proper storage, you should get many hours of fun out of your Moon Sand.


The most unique part of Moon Sand is that it has the texture of regular play sand, yet it sticks together. Do not be worried if your child swallows Moon Sand. It is completely non-toxic.

Things You'll Need

  • Moon Sand
  • Plastic tablecloth
  • Sand toys
  • Sand moulds
  • Plastic trucks
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