How to Propagate Easter Cactus

Updated November 21, 2016

An Easter cactus is an ideal houseplant since it does not require full sun and is easy to care for. The cactus produces brightly coloured blooms that range in colour from white and orange to pink and red. Easter cacti are long-lasting plants that will continue to thrive and bloom for many years with proper care. Keeping your Easter cactus well watered and fertilised regularly will allow you to trim the growth and use the trimmings to grow new plants to give as gifts or keep yourself.

Cut a section of the cactus that is long enough to contain at least two joints. Use sharp scissors to cut at the joint line. Lay the newly cut section out and allow it to dry overnight to form a callous on the cut end.

Fill a 4- to 6-inch pot with moistened perlite or an equal mixture of sand and potting soil that has been dampened.

Plant the first inch of the cut end of the joint in the pot and pat down the soil around it gently. Add enough water to moisten the soil 2 inches deep.

Cover the pot with a clear plastic bag or other clear plastic container. Place the cutting in an area where it will receive filtered, indirect sunlight such as a north-facing window.

Check the soil several times a week for dampness and water when necessary. Never let the soil dry out in between watering.

Dig up a small amount of soil around the joint after six to eight weeks to check for root growth. Once roots are at least an inch long, repot the cutting in a larger container filled with potting soil.


High humidity is helpful when rooting cuttings. Keep the area that your Easter cactus is located in above 21.1 degrees Celsius.

Things You'll Need

  • Easter cactus
  • Pot
  • Perlite
  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Clear plastic bag
  • Scissors
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