How to start a price comparison website

Updated April 03, 2017

Starting an Internet price-comparison service is a not an easy task and requires some technological expertise. The project also could require a significant amount of financing depending on the level of specialised design you would like to be reflected by the service. But, by properly strategising the development of your service, you can ensure the likelihood of success.

One of the first efforts you must undertake in creating your price-comparison site is to reserve the bandwidth and server space necessary to host the service. There are a number of businesses that cater to small start-ups by offering inexpensive bandwidth and server space. When reserving this space, be sure to note if the perspective server provider supports the capability for running server side script languages such as PHP or Java and check to see if the server will allow you to access a database program such as SQL.

If you wish to provide the price-comparison services in a highly specialised format, you may need to hire a Web developer. A basic Internet search for freelance programmers will turn up several inexpensive options. However, it is important to note that there is some risk in hiring a programmer over the Internet. Be sure to check with the programmer's references and confirm that he has participated in the creation of similar products in the past. Visit the Web page for these other products and ensure that the features are similar to the ones that you desire for your site.

In the event that you decide you can not afford to develop a highly specialised site, you may still be able to provide your content by using a content management system (CMS). A content management system allows you to produce content through a user-friendly dashboard application. This content is then formatted into an attractive Internet facing application that your users can view. There are several free content management systems that can be found with an Internet search.

Get the word out about the service you are offering once your site is up and running. One way to do this is to find bloggers who are willing to visit your site and write reviews about the service you are offering. This word-of-mouth can create an excitement in the Internet community, leading to the evolution of a long-term user base.

There are a number of advertising and affiliate sites that will allow you to to display banner and text ads about your site. You will be reimbursed for hosting the ads depending on certain criteria, such as the number of users who click on those ads or subsequently purchase products from the web sites linked to the ads.

Things You'll Need

  • Server space
  • Server bandwidth
  • Programmer
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