How to Price a Tree Removal

Updated February 21, 2017

Removing a tree can be expensive, but sometimes it is impossible to allow the tree to continue growing. Some common reasons that can require the removal of a tree are: a dead tree, potential damage to a home or street, insect damage or potential danger. Get estimates for the removal to get the best possible price for the work.

Determine if the tree is protected by the city. Trees along streets or in other public property are often protected; when these trees present a danger or need removal, contact local officials and inform them of the potential dangers. The city should then take action and the cost would not fall on private homeowners.

Obtain estimates from local tree removal companies. The company will need to know the height of the tree and the required services. Tree removal companies will typically come measure the tree with their professionals and will not usually give estimates over the phone. The height of the tree can change the cost from a few hundred dollars to as much as £1,300. Many companies will want to look at the tree to determine hazards or challenges that might add to the cost. Removing roots or chipping down the wood can bring the cost much higher and some companies will charge for hauling the wood away. Clarify how the company charges, such as by the hour or a single charge based on the size of the tree. Hourly charges can add up quickly.

Contact city officials or utility companies as necessary. Power lines, buildings or other problems can be in the way of tree removal and the appropriate officials should be contacted.


Some homeowners remove trees on their own, but there are many dangers that come with tree removal and several risks. Hire a company to remove trees that present challenges like nearby homes, streets or power lines that could be damaged by tree branches falling on it.

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