How to write a strategic plan template

Written by jocelyn right | 13/05/2017
How to write a strategic plan template
A strategic plan includes future goals, as well as ways to reach those goals (business plan 50409 image by pablo from

Strategic planning is vital to a company's efficiency. A strategic plan identifies specific future goals that a company may have. It also provides clear, concrete and actionable steps the company will take to get to those goals. Building this plan together with others in the company can be challenging; however, having a template for the strategic plan may eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings that waste time and frustrate workers. Developing a template for a strategic plan is simple.

Consider strategic plans you have written or read. Use these as a model while you are creating your template. Think about your business as you move through the template. Make sure that you can easily answer and expand upon each section in the template you create.

Write down each section you plan to include in the strategic plan. Remember that a strategic plan and a business plan are different, with the former being shorter, more actionable and less theoretical.

For each section you provide, write a brief, one- to two-line description of what should be included in that section. Include these sections: vision, mission, values, objectives, strategies, goals and programs.

Make sure that the template includes a brief overview of what a strategic plan is, why it's important, and how it's to be used. Include instructions for writing style; a strategic plan should be clear, concise and actionable.

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