How Can You Find Sites Registered to a Specific Email Address?

Attempting to locate the owner of a website can often be tricky. Free services such as Whois allow you to search by domain name for the registered owners information; however they do not give you the option to search for all websites owned by a particular e-mail address. To search by e-mail address, you will need to perform a reverse Whois search.

Go to the Domain Tools Reverse Whois search page and log into your account or create a free account by clicking "Login/Join" in the top right corner. A link has been provided in the Resources section below.

Click "My Account" in the top right corner and then click "Conduct a Reverse Whois Lookup" from the "Reports" menu.

Enter up to four e-mail addresses in the boxes under the heading "Find records containing ALL of these terms." Enter each e-mail address in a separate box. If you would like to exclude any terms, enter them in the boxes labelled "Exclude records containing ANY of these terms." Text will be displayed automatically below the text boxes indicating if any records are available. It will also tell you adding the option to include historical records will produce additional results. Historical records can be included by selecting "Search current and historical records" from the right side of the window. Click "Preview Report."

Choose the type of reports that you would like to order by clicking "Order Historical" or "Order Current."

Verify that the reports that you would like to purchase are in your shopping trolley and click "Continue to Payment Options."

Click "Add New Credit Card" to pay by credit card or click "Setup PayPal Account" to pay using PayPal.

Enter your billing and credit card information and click "Save and Continue" or log into your PayPal account.

Review the order information and if it is correct, submit the order. Once the payment has processed you will be redirected to your report.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit card
  • PayPal account


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