How to dead head pansies

Pansies produce sweet scents in the springtime. If you want your pansies to continue blooming, you will need to deadhead them. Deadheading simply involved removing the spent, or faded, blossoms. Doing so will prevent the spent blossoms from producing seeds and will cause the plant to continue to blossom. Pansies can grow in pots and garden beds, and they will add beautiful colours to your landscape.

Look for pansy blossoms that appear wilted. The blooms will look faded and droopy.

Move the stems away from spent and wilted blooms. This will prevent you from cutting the stems when you remove the blooms.

Cut the blooms with scissors above the set of leaves below the flower. New flower nodes grow at this point, where you cut off the blooms.

Remove blossoms with petals that have dropped. The seeds may already have begun to form. Cut these off above the leaves below the blossoms.

Inspect the pansies every two to three days. Continue to deadhead spent blossoms.


Do not pull off the blossoms, or you may cause damage to the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
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