Instructions on How to Build a Unicycle

Updated April 17, 2017

Just as many drivers like to modify their cars and cyclists like to build their bikes from scratch, so, too, do many unicyclists. With a few basic tools and all the right components, a fully functioning unicycle can be built in a day. Whether this is your first unicycle or you're an experienced builder, you should always have your vehicle checked by a professional before using it outside your workshop.

Assemble your wheel by placing the axle of the fixed gear hub kit into the rim of the wheel. Place two spacers on each end.

Attach the pedals to either end of the axle. Make sure they are at opposite sides (e.g., one at the six o'clock position, one at the 12 o'clock position) and tighten the lock rings to keep them in place.

Fasten the pillow blocks to the front fork, and then put the blocks around the axle by the spacers.

Put your saddle post in the fork body and tighten in place.

Add your saddle to complete your unicycle.


The forks should be able to move independently from the pedals. This can be tested after Step 3. Different saddles are available for a unicycle. Although a regular saddle requires a wrench for removal, quick release saddles can be taken out without any tools. The size of the pole can affect the comfort of your unicycle.


It is advisable to have your unicycle checked by a qualified mechanic before you take it out on the road.

Things You'll Need

  • Bicycle wheel
  • Fixed gear hub kit
  • Front fork
  • Pedal set
  • Pillow blocks
  • Saddle post
  • Saddle
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