How to clean haze from granite

Updated February 21, 2017

Granite is a brilliant addition to any home and can be used as either a countertop covering or floor material. But no matter how you use granite in your home, it is important to keep your granite clean. If you have not been cleaning your granite regularly, a cloudy haze may appear on the surface of your granite. Fortunately, getting rid of this haze is fairly simple and only requires a few steps.

Pour several quarter-sized drops of stone cleaner on the granite's surface. These drops should be about 6 inches apart. If your granite is tiled, one drop for every 3-inch by 3-inch unit is a good rule of thumb.

Use a rag to spread the stone cleaner evenly on the surface. Don't be afraid to apply a little pressure, as this will help loosen the build-up.

Dampen another rag and then use it to rinse the stone cleaner. If you are cleaning granite tiles on a floor, you can use a mop. The haze should be gone. Allow the granite to air dry, unless the granite is on the floor; granite is very slippery when wet and can be a hazard.


Do not use vinegar to clean granite surfaces. Vinegar's acidic properties can dull your granite's natural shimmer and erode polish.

Things You'll Need

  • Stone cleaner
  • Cleaning rag
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