How to Repair an Oven Seal

Written by david clair | 13/05/2017
How to Repair an Oven Seal
The oven door seal prevents heat from escaping. (oven image by Evgeny Rodionov from

A loose or broken oven door seal can prevent an oven from fully heating or cause the oven to heat unevenly. The door gasket should be tight and secure all the way around the oven door. If there is heat escaping from the door, the door seal may need to be replaced. Replacing a faulty door seal will allow the oven to heat more quickly and will help ensure that food cooked in the oven is cooked evenly and fully. Different models of ovens may have variations on how the seal will need to be installed, but the basic steps will be the same for most units.

Make sure the oven is turned off and cooled down. Open the oven door.

Remove any screws that are holding the seal in place, if needed.

Lift the old seal out of its groove, working your way around the gasket.

Wash the door seal area with dish soap and hot tap water. Make sure any residue or dirt is fully removed.

Insert the new door seal into place on the door.

Press the top of the door seal into the groove with your hands. Work around the seal from top to bottom, pressing the seal fully into place.

Insert any screws that hold the seal in place, if equipped.

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