How to Draw a Masquerade Mask

Written by amy lukavics | 13/05/2017
How to Draw a Masquerade Mask
Masquerade masks, while tremendously varied, share the same general mask shape. (masquerade image by Erin Cadigan from

Masquerade masks are elaborate, beautiful masks that most often cover only the top half of the face. They come in a variety of styles and colours and are worn on numerous occasions, including costume events and French or Italian masquerade balls. Drawing a masquerade mask is fun because after you have the general mask shape down, you are free to design all the extra decorations that accent the mask, such as feathers, pearls, beads or streamers.

Sketch the general shape of the masquerade mask on a piece of drawing paper using a pencil. The mask should be very basic and consist of eye holes and an area for the nose to fit, almost like a sideways figure eight.

Add any embellishments to the nose area that you'd like. While some masquerade masks have untouched nose areas, others boast large beaks and horn-shaped noses.

Draw any details on the mask itself, such as jewels that line the eye holes or designs that swirl around the border.

Move across the top of the mask with your pencil, adding large feathers that stretch outward in a half circle design. Don't be conservative with your design; the best masquerade masks are big, highly elaborate ones.

Use the side of your pencil to shade the mask or the feathers, creating depth and tone.

Remove any overlapping lines with an eraser.

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