Instructions on How to Use a Convection Oven

Updated July 20, 2017

Convection ovens have become a popular choice over conventional ovens in modern-day kitchens. Because of the high-speed fan built into the convection oven, heat is blown throughout, speeding up the cooking process of any dish. Convection ovens can cook at lower temperatures than conventional ovens and still reduce cooking time as much as half. Convection ovens come in different sizes and designs depending on need. Counter-top convection ovens are very popular because they are inexpensive. While range and wall convection ovens are more expensive than conventional ovens, they make up for it with cooking speed and special features.

Connect the convection oven to its source of power. If it's an electric oven, plug it in. If it's gas, hook it up to a gas source, an installation that should be done by a licensed professional.

Set the convection oven's thermostat to the desired temperature needed for the dish that will be cooked. If the recipe does not note a temperature for convection ovens, set it between -3.88 and 23.8 degrees C less than the what the recipe calls for. This will set the cooking time between 15 and 20 minutes less than usual. Keep in mind that while -3.89 degrees C less is the usual temperature decrease, 75 is recommended for food that requires slow baking.

Place each dish that you wish to cook on the convection oven's racks. Since the oven heats quickly, preheating is not needed. If you're cooking more than one item that requires the same amount of time to bake, you may place them in the oven together. Built-in fans spread out the heat of the oven evenly while cooking so that flipping food over halfway through bake-time is not needed.

Remove your baked items once they're completely cooked. Use oven mittens or potholders to open the oven door and remove each dish. Close the door carefully and turn the power off. Unplug the convection oven from its power source (or turn off the gas) once you are finished and let it cool completely before cleaning.


You can easily cook very different items at the same time without worrying that the flavours will mix.


Keep a close eye on foods that only require small cooking times because they can burn easily in a convection oven.

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