How to Write a Witness Statement for an Auto Accident

Updated February 21, 2017

If you witness an automobile accident you may be asked by police or even the lawyers of one of the individuals involved to write a witness statement. This statement should be as objective as possible and should include a few specific pieces of information including where the accident occurred, what happened and, if someone was clearly at fault, a mention of which individual it was.

Write or type your personal information into the top of your witness statement. Include your full name, address, telephone number and any contact information. If you are being asked to write a witness statement by the police they will have a specific form you can use with plainly labelled boxes where you should put this information. If you are typing or writing your witness statement on regular paper write the information at the top of the statement.

Go through exactly what you witnessed on a moment-by-moment basis. Write about where you were, what direction you were going, where the two cars originally were before they collided and anything else you can remember. If you are certain of the time the accident occurred, write that down as well. Be as detailed as you can.

Sign and date your auto accident witness statement at the bottom of the paper. Print your name beneath your signature. Give the statement to the person who originally requested it, be it a police officer or the accident victim or the attorney representing one of the individuals involved. Keep a copy for your own records.

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