Removing Blue on Chrome Exhaust

Updated April 17, 2017

Chrome bluing occurs as a result of high temperatures allowing a small layer of oxygen to embed into the chrome plating. Chrome on exhaust pipes may blue due to exhaust gases, which can exceed 538 degrees Celsius, or from initial welding. On vehicles, the closer the chrome is to the engine, the more likely heat will create a blue haze on the surface of the chrome. Due to the short distance between the exhaust and the engine on motorcycles, idling in traffic or high temperatures generated from wide-open-throttle may also cause bluing.

Prepare a soapy water solution. Rinse the chrome surface thoroughly with water.

Rub the chrome with a soft cloth saturated with soapy water. Watch for flaking of any bluing from the surface of the chrome. If the oils from manufacturing or from hands have been transferred to the chrome, the bluing may be from the heating and discolouration of the surface coating, rather than the chrome. Medium pressure with a soapy cloth may be all that is necessary to remove the discoloured coating.

Rinse and dry the chrome.

Wash and dry the surface of the chrome.

Crinkle a sheet of aluminium foil and dip it in vinegar. Briskly rub the wet aluminium foil on the chrome surface.

Wipe away any residue that forms and repeat the rubbing. Be sure to keep the aluminium foil wet with vinegar. Rinse with water and dry when completed.

Dampen the cloth supplied with the Blue-Job kit with water.

Place a portion of the damp cloth into the jar of powder and dab until a thick paste is formed on the damp cloth.

Rub the paste onto the chrome and work gently until the bluing is removed.

Restore the lustre of the chrome by buffing the surface with a soft dry cloth.


If you are attempting to treat chrome-like materials, such as chrome trim, which is usually plastic coated aluminium, these methods may not work and may damage the non-chrome finish. If cleaning exhaust pipes, be sure to let them cool, regardless of the method used to clean them.

Things You'll Need

  • Vinegar
  • Aluminium foil
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Soft Cloth
  • Blue-Job
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