How to replace the burners on a char-broil grill

Updated February 21, 2017

Charbroil grills are designed with replaceable grill burners, which are often the first part to wear out on a propane cooking appliance. A rusted, worn burner can chip and flake, causing flames to jet from the burner in an unsafe manner and to burn gas faster than necessary for cooking. Replacement burners are available at hardware and home improvement stores or directly from Charbroil. Changing out the old burner for a new one should take less than an hour.

Disconnect the Charbroil from the fuel supply by unscrewing the black plastic coupler on the end of the regulator hose from the propane tank below the grill.

Raise the Charbroil grill cover and lift off the cooking grates.

Remove the ceramic briquettes or lava rocks from the grill and place them to on old newspapers spread on the ground. Lift out the grate supporting the rocks or briquettes to expose the gas burner in the bottom of the grill.

Pull the gas nozzles attached to the burner below the grill away from the Venturi tubes, which are the two tubes connected to the back of the control panel, using pliers if necessary to pull away the nozzles (they may come off by hand).

Lift the burner from inside the grill and tilt forward at an angle to remove the burner and the nozzles extending into the two holes in the bottom of the grill. Take the old burner to a hardware store or other retailer that carries gas grill parts to match a replacement, or order the part from Charbroil. The company sells a line of "Universal Fit" burners that can also be used in other grill models.

Insert the two nozzles mounted underneath the new burner into the two holes in the bottom of the grill and guide the burner assembly down so the nozzles curve toward the Venturi tubes.

Pull on the nozzles, which can be adjusted on the flexible hoses, underneath the grill so each nozzle inserts into the Venturi tube in front of it. The nozzles do not physically attach to the Venturi tubes, but simply rest inside each tube. Each nozzle must be inserted in a Venturi tube at least 1/2 inch so it cannot fall out.

Place the support grate over the new burner and arrange the briquettes or lava rocks in a single layer on the burner. Set the cooking grate or grates in place on top and close the Charbroil cover.


The burner rests on metal shoes to hold it about an inch off the bottom of the grill. No hardware or fasteners are needed for the installation.


Always disconnect the grill from the propane line before attempting any repairs.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement burner
  • Pliers
  • Old newspapers
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