How to move a lilac bush

Updated April 17, 2017

Moving or transplanting lilac bushes can be difficult and time consuming. If the bush is not transplanted properly, it could die. When picking a new place to put your lilac bush, you should keep in mind that it does well in partial sun to full sun. Lilac bushes can grow to be eight to ten feet tall, and are known to be easy bushes to move.

Pick out the spot where you would like to move your lilac bush.

Dig a hole around the plant about two to three feet away from the base of the plant.

Dig under the plant around two feet deep, and try to save as much of the root ball as possible.

Dig a new hole in the area you selected to move the lilac bush. This hole should be around three feet wide and two to three feet deep.

Pick up the bush by its base, and gently carry the lilac to its new location.

Place the plant in the newly dug hole and cover it with a mixture of compost and top soil.

Fill in the empty hole where the lilac bush used to be with compost and top soil.

Water the lilac bush heavily.

Continue to water the plant heavily once a week.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Water
  • Top soil
  • Compost
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