How to Stop a Motion Light Sensor

Updated February 21, 2017

Stopping a motion detector is easier than you may think. It does not require you to handle any wiring, meaning anyone of any skill level can stop motion detectors. You may want to disable motion sensor lights at times such as Halloween or during an outdoor party when you don't want the light turning on and off all evening. Once you stop motion sensor lights, the light will not turn on, even if the motion sensor detects movement near the light. At any time, you can enable the motion detector and the light will begin to function as normal again.

Find the power source for your motion detector light. This is a light switch you would use to operate the light if it was not a motion sensor light.

Turn the light switch "Off" to stop the motion detector sensor and the lights.

Flip the switch back "On" to reactivate the motion detector.

Flip the circuit breaker that sends power to the light fixture to the "Off" position. Note that if other electrical wires connect to this circuit, turning off the circuit breaker will also turn off electricity to the other items.

Leave the circuit breaker off as long as you want to stop motion detectors.

Turn the circuit breaker to the "On" position to send power back to that light fixture.

Locate the toggle switch on the bottom of your motion sensor lights.

Slide the toggle switch to the "Off" position.

Move the toggle switch back to the "On" position when you want your motion lights to turn on and off as normal.

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