How to calculate net sale price

Written by carter mcbride | 13/05/2017
How to calculate net sale price
Paying expenses in a selling transaction reduces the net sale price. (Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Net sale price is the amount of the sales price a seller will receive. The net sale price subtracts any related expenses from the gross sale price. People use net sale price in a variety of transactions, such as selling a house. There is the sales price of the house and then expenses such as estate agent fees, which are deducted from the sales price to determine the net sale price.

Determine how much the item was sold for to another person. For example, a person sells a bicycle at a friend's garage sale. In return for selling the bike, he tells his friend he will pay him 5 per cent of the selling price. The bicycle sells for £120.

Determine any expenses related to selling the item. In our example, the person promised a 5 per cent commission for selling the bicycle. Therefore, £120 times 5 per cent equals £6 in commission.

Subtract from the sales price any related expenses to determine the net sale price. In our example, £120 minus £6 equals a £114 net sale price.

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