How to Repair an Electronic Scale

Updated March 23, 2017

Electronic scales come in handy for variety of reasons. People often use electronic scales--also known as digital scales--to weigh themselves. People also use the scales in the kitchen to weigh meat and vegetables for cooking. Sometimes an electronic scale will malfunction, and you will need to repair it.

If a kitchen scale is not showing weight correctly, it may be because food and other particles are sticking to the scale. Obtain a slightly wet paper towel and wipe the scale with the towel.

Hold the calibration button of the scale for 10 seconds. Do not release this button until you see the word "cal" being displayed. At that point, the scale is prepared to calibrate.

Put a can of food on the scale for 30 seconds. Be sure that you know the precise weight of the item by reading the figure written on the can. Use this can to determine whether the scale is reading the weight accurately. If the scale can hold heavier items, you will want to use an item such as a can of paint to determine whether the scale is performing properly. Choose a can of paint that weighs at least 6.8 Kilogram to perform this examination.

Toggle the calibration feature on the scale until it reaches the weight of your can. If you are getting a digital reading that is close to the weight of the item resting on the scale, you can now weigh anything on the device successfully. Hold down the "cal" button one more time, and then make sure the device is set to the off position.


Be prepared to take your electronic scale to a repair shop to get a free estimate of the cost of fixing the device.

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