How to make a resin photo pendant

Updated November 21, 2016

Photograph jewellery serves as a poignant and elegant way to keep your loved ones close or to remember fun events or late relatives. The most common photograph jewellery is the locket, but some prefer the trendier look of resin jewellery. Resin jewellery consists of a decorative pattern or photo covered in clear art resin. The resin hardens and protects the photo from water and sun damage. Resin also gives the artist room to place tiny embellishments around the picture like an antique broken earring or cufflink that belonged to someone in the photo or dried flower petals. Resin jewellery assembles very easily and has countless variations. These pendants make excellent gifts and keepsakes. You can even make many pieces that create a kind of jewellery scrapbook when worn together.

Open your windows or go into a well-ventilated area and spread out some newspapers on a flat, sturdy surface. If working outdoors, weight them with plants or rocks.

Center your photo, face up, over your pendant blank. Pendant blanks are metal pendants with a shallow lip around the edge. They come in oval and square shapes, occasionally with a little decoration just below the lip. Press the photo gently against the pendant blank's lip to create a slight crease.

Cut out your photo just inside the crease to ensure it fits perfectly in the blank. Smear a thin layer of white glue onto the pendant blank and place the photo on top, tucking the edges down flush to the blank. Smear a very thin layer of white glue over your photo, and let it dry.

Mix your resin according to package directions. Most require you to mix resin powder with water. Warm water mixes faster and easier. Pour the resin into a small squeeze bottle with a tapered tip.

Squeeze a layer of resin over your photo starting at the top and moving in a slow zig-zag motion. The resin should spread and cover the entire photo. Use a needle to pop any bubbles in the resin, and let it cure for 24 hours.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Pendant blank
  • Photo
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Resin powder
  • Water
  • Tapered-tip squeeze bottle
  • Needle
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