How Can I Black Out My Bedroom Window?

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you work at night and sleep during the day, just need complete dark to sleep or you want to keep the glare of sunlight of your television screen, blackout curtains can help make your bedroom light-free. Luckily, whatever your reason for wanting to block light, you have several options in varying prices that will allow you to effectively black out your bedroom and stay within your budget.

Measure the inside of your window frame. You want the exact measurements for height and width. This will make it easier to choose the proper size shade for you.

Purchase blackout window treatments. Treatments vary from standard curtains to blinds to pull-down shades. These can all be found anywhere you can find regular window treatments. Look at your local home improvement store, department store or home store for their selection. Since you will be seeing the shade from inside the room, choose a style that suits your decor

Install the shades according to package directions. Most blackout window treatments are hung in the same manner as standard curtains or blinds, only they are hung on the inside of the window frame to prevent light from coming through. If necessary, you may have to purchase specified hardware for your installation. Follow the instructions that come with your window treatment for the best results.

Measure the inside of your window frame. If you have individual panes of glass, measure each. You will need the height and width of each pane of glass in your window.

Cut paper to your measurements from Step 1. You can use any type of heavy paper you like. Construction paper is effective, as is poster board. Choosing a darker coloured paper will filter out more light. Using paper is not the most glamorous look for a bedroom; however, in a pinch or if you are strapped for cash, it will filter out enough light to black out the room.

Use double-sided tape to adhere your paper to the window. This will block out most light. For added light filtering, hang a standard curtain or other window treatment over the window as you normally would. This will block out the remainder of the light.


Another option is to use a staple gun or a hammer and nails to hang a blanket over the window. The added benefit to a blanket is it not only blocks out the light, but will help with insulation in the winter months.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Blackout window treatments
  • Paper
  • Double-sided tape
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