How to Fill a Butane Torch

Updated February 21, 2017

Butane torches come in handy for a variety of uses, including starting a fire while camping, lighting candles, caramelising sugar when cooking and making jewellery. You can purchase torches with refill cylinders or disposable torches, and torches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Refilling a butane torch is much like refilling a butane lighter. When you fill a butane torch, a flint or a piezoelectric ignition spark ignites the butane-gas vapour. The flames can reach temperatures of at least 1,260 degrees C.

Turn your torch upside down. Although butane torches come in a variety of styles, most have the fuel refill valve located on the bottom of the lighter. The valve looks like a small, round hole. Depress the fuel refill valve using a pen or a small screwdriver. Drain out any fuel it may contain. This also releases any compressed air the tank may have.

Shut off the fuel flow by turning the flame adjustment screw clockwise, using a small screwdriver. You will usually find this flathead screw located near the fuel refill valve hole, on the bottom of the torch lighter.

Press the fuel can into the torch with the fuel-can nozzle pointing down. Do not pump the fuel can. It may take a few minutes for the torch to fill.

Set the torch down and wait until it reaches room temperature before using it. The fuel comes out cold when you refill the torch.

Turn the fuel flow back on by turning the flame-adjustment screw counter-clockwise a half turn. Try to light your torch. If it does not work, turn the screw in increments of quarter turns until it lights.


If you have a butane torch lighter, refill it faster by placing the torch lighter in a freezer for a few minutes. Cold lighters refill faster. If you have problems getting your torch to ignite, blow into it to remove any dirt or dust. You also can use compressed air from an office-supply store to blow out dust particles. Use only triple-refined butane fuel. Cheaper butane fuel contains impurities that can clog your torch.


Keep butane and butane torches away from children Drain your butane torch away from flames

Things You'll Need

  • Butane torch or torch lighter
  • Butane
  • Small screwdriver or pen
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