How to Write a Quality Assurance Report

Updated March 23, 2017

Quality assurance reports are necessary to maintain a standard of integrity in a company of any size. Companies institute various procedures at the workplace because they desire to sell products which are high in quality, safe to use, and comply with any rules and regulations which have been set as standards by their industry. If quality assurance reports are conducted on a consistent basis, each worker at a business will understand that they are responsible for representing their company by performing their job well, or face the consequences of submitting poor work.

Insert the correct items at the start of the report. Name your quality assurance report with a specific title such as "Quarterly QA Report of Customer Service Department." Include the time, title, and person responsible for its completion.

Write the report in language which is not overly technical. Keep in mind that your report may be read by people who do not understand complex formulas and technical jargon. Create a quality assurance report which clearly allows the issues at hand to be known by your supervisors.

Summarise the data contained in the report. Giving a short summary of the main points contained in your report is known as giving an "abstract." Remember that your information will be given to people who hold high positions in your company such as managers, supervisors, and vice presidents of various segments of the organisation for which you work. Write your summary in such a way that a busy department head can scan your abstract and get a good idea of the entire contents of the report.

Enter background information. Give a detailed history of other past quality assurance reports which relate to the information contained in this paper. List the names of the departments, and the exact days of the year in which the quality report was generated for those departments. Explain the purpose for the report, and what specific areas are detailed in your paper.

Include your findings on the report. List in great detail the findings which have been determined. Give specific data in this portion such as exactly what was found, when it was found, and how it was found. Keep in mind that you also need to list any formulas that were used in your report.

List your conclusions. Give a detailed explanation of what you have found. Determine whether the standards of quality that workers are required to follow in their department are being kept, or any issues need to be addressed immediately.

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