How to Reset an LG LCD Monitor

Written by shawn mcclain | 13/05/2017
How to Reset an LG LCD Monitor
Resetting a monitor's factory defaults can correct many display issues. (Monitor image by Kavita from

LCD, or liquid crystal display, monitors offer an amazing image and are ideal for use with a computer. LG currently focuses on LCD televisions that can double as a monitor, but the company still supports its LCD monitor line. While LG LCD monitors are normally reliable, there may be a need to reset the monitor to the factory default settings to correct an image or software problem.

Press the "Menu" button on the right side of the monitor. This will bring up the On Screen Display. If nothing happens when the "Menu" button is pressed, press and hold it for several seconds to unlock the On Screen Display.

Scroll through the menu options by using the up and down arrow buttons located just under the "Menu" button. Scroll down to the "Setup" icon, which looks like a big cog. Press the "Auto/Set" button to access the Setup menu.

Scroll, using the down arrow, to "Factory Reset." This setting is located at the bottom of the Setup menu.

Press the "Auto/Set" button to choose "Factory Reset" and then press the down arrow to reset the monitor.

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