How to Install Transition Pieces for Laminate Flooring

Updated February 21, 2017

Laying a laminate floor is a popular homeowner project, and if the room involved is square and simple, the floor can be laid in an afternoon. Often the problem homeowners encounter with laminate flooring is not in the floor itself but in installing the transition pieces that will cover the unfinished edges and complete the project. Proper installation of transition pieces will ensure that your laminate floor floats properly, all expansion spaces are maintained and all edges are protected from chipping and breaking in daily use.

Install the laminate flooring up to the area where a transition will be required. For our example, we will use a doorway into a lower tiled floor and install a hard surface reducer; end the laminate one inch from the tiled edge (or the amount of space recommended by the laminate and transition manufacturer--adjust the size of the spacing blocks as needed).

Place a one-inch spacing block in the gap between the tile and the laminate to prevent shifting; continue the installation until all flooring has been installed.

Measure the width of the doorway where the transition piece is to be placed.

Cut the transition piece and the metal transition track to the measurement of the doorway, using a mitre saw and box to cut the transition piece and a hacksaw to cut the metal track.

Install the metal track in the doorway, taking care to allow 1/4 inch of expansion space between the edge of the laminate and the side of the metal track.

Screw the metal track into the subfloor, using the screws that come in the transition kit.

Place the transition piece on the metal track with the smooth edge overlapping the laminate floor and the other edge butting up against or overlapping the tile, depending on the height needed.

Install the transition by pressing the bottom piece into the right side of the metal track. Press along the transition firmly until the entire length is firmly seated in the metal track.


Always place a bead of 100 per cent silicone along the laminate edge when installing transitions in areas that may be exposed to water.


Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing transition pieces. Always wear hand and eye protection when using saws.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • 2 one-inch spacing blocks
  • Hacksaw
  • Mitre saw and box
  • Screwdriver
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