How to Mix Portland Cement With Sand for Flower Pots

Updated February 21, 2017

When the spring and summer months come around, you want your garden to look beautiful. To do that, you can plant fresh plants and flowers. One way to get creative is to make your own flower pots out of cement and sand. All you need are a few tools and a fair amount of time.

Create your cement flower pot mould. A large pile of sand will act as the mould for your flower pot. Use the hand shovel to dig a hole as big as you would like and in whatever shape you would like.

Make the cement mixture in the bucket, and stir with the dowel. The ratio should be three parts Portland cement, two parts white sand and one part water. Use very little water to begin with, and add more if the cement mixture is too thick. You do not want it to be runny.

Fill a cup with cement, pour it into the sand mould very gently, and press the cement against the sides of the sand mould. Remember that you are not simply filling the hole, but you are shaping the cement around the edges so there is a deep opening for the flowers to be planted.

Cover the freshly poured pot and mould with a plastic tarp and allow it to cure for several days.

Remove the plastic tarp and hose down the pot to remove the sand from the outside.

Things You'll Need

  • Sand
  • Small hand shovel
  • Portland cement
  • White sand
  • Water
  • Large bucket
  • Dowel
  • Cup
  • Plastic tarp
  • Hose
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