How to Report Car Insurance Fraud

Updated February 21, 2017

Car insurance fraud is a serious crime. It costs insurance companies millions of dollars, and part of that cost is passed on to drivers. It occurs when an owner tries to file a bogus claim, such as for a stolen vehicle that really has been abandoned. There are many ways to report this fraud, and doing so does drivers and the insurance companies a big favour. The reporting process only takes a few minutes and can be done from anywhere if you have a cell phone.

Report the alleged crime to your local police department by dialling its office phone number. The number is available in your local phone book, or from information by dialling 411. Report the date of the incident, vehicle make and model and the name of the person believed to be involved. Any relevant information will help police solve and prosecute the alleged crime.

Call 800-TEL-NICB and report the incident to the National Crime Insurance Bureau. This organisation handles complaints of car insurance fraud and also offers a free vehicle identification number (VIN) check service for car buyers. Give them the same information given to the police.

Text the word "FRAUD" to TIP 411 or 847411. This service is available to anyone who has a cell phone, and it is anonymous. It can be used as an alternative to calling the 1-800 number in step 2.

Go to the NICB's website,, and fill out its insurance fraud tip form. Find it halfway down the home page on the left side, or directly at

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