How to store wood in a garage

Updated May 23, 2018

How you store wood in your garage is going to depend on the intended purpose of the wood. While a garage may not be the best storage location for certain types of wood, it may be the only place that many people have to store the wood, other than outside in the weather or shoved inside the home. Though some experts recommend that you do not store wood in your garage, people have been doing this effectively for many years.


Store firewood in your garage to protect it from rain and snow; firewood must be dried out in order to burn correctly, so storing in a covered garage will protect the wood from wet weather. Though experts advise against the warm and sometimes moist conditions of a garage, firewood can be stored here if wrapped up properly.

Stack the firewood along an exterior wall of the garage, to allow yourself room to use the garage for parking or as your workshop. Cut all pieces a similar length, stack perpendicular to the wall in one long row, and then begin building upward.

Wrap the stack of firewood in plastic tarp to protect it from moisture and heat. You want to do this to protect against insects and insect eggs residing in or on the wood. If the garage is not directly next to a home or does not have its own heating system, wrapping may not be necessary.


Store lumber in a garage to protect it from insects and wet weather. Lumber should ideally be stored in a location that resembles where it will eventually be located, once built into furniture, railing, decks or other wood project. Avoid a heated garage for lumber that will be used for decks and outdoor items, and allow heat and moisture for lumber that will be used indoors.

Stack the lumber in a single, solid stack along a wall of the garage, so that it is not in the way of your daily or normal use of the garage. Avoid stacking too tall or thin stacks that will easily topple from top weight.

Wrap the lumber in a piece of tarp to protect it from wood-boring insects as well as water spills or other chemical spills in the garage. You may need to use several tarps and wrap small wood stacks separately to provide better protection from insects.


Avoid storing firewood outdoors, unless the wood is covered and weeds kept cleaned up around the wood stack to prevent accidental encounters with snakes.

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