Triops Instructions

Updated March 23, 2017

The Triops kit contains specimens of Triops longicaudatus, sometimes called "tadpole shrimp." These crustaceans are small creatures you can hatch and grow at home. The Triops live an average of two to six weeks. The brand name Triops kit contains everything you need to get started. However, the instructions for hatching and growing Triops are the same regardless. The tank and supplies will come with the kit. If they don't, contact the seller to obtain the necessary items.

Rinse your tank with bottled spring water. Do not use soap or tap water (even if it's filtered). If bottled spring water is unavailable, use bottled distilled water.

Fill the tank with bottled spring water or distilled water. Place the lid on the tank and move it to the location where you plan to hatch the Triops. Ideally, this location is by a window. If it's not, set up an external light, such as a lamp, next to the tank. Remove the paper backing from the thermostat and apply to the outside of the tank.

Drop the sealed nutrient pack into the tank. The nutrient pack needs to soak for eight hours before you add the eggs. While you're waiting for the nutrient pack, soak your gravel and glow beads in separate containers filled with bottled spring or distilled water.

Check the temperature of the water in the tank. The thermometer reading should be between 23.3 and 28.8 degrees C.

Open the egg package. Pour the contents onto a disposable plate (preferably white). Open the eggs. You'll find approximately 30 small brown specs inside each. Gently pour the eggs into the tank. If desired, pour half into the tank and keep the other half to use after the first Triops life cycle.

Wait for the Triops to hatch. Normally, they will hatch within 72 hours, although a magnifying glass may be necessary to see them.

Crush one green and one brown feeding tablet. Combine the mixture into a spoon. Feed the Triops half of this mixture when they are two days old. Feed them the other half when they are four days old. On days five and six, feed them the same amount once daily. After day seven, add one uncrushed pellet per Triop, alternating the colour each day. Add your glow beads to the tank anytime after day five. This will produce a glow-in-the-dark effect.

Remove the nutrient pack from the tank on the eighth day. Wrap the pack in plastic and discard it. Continue to feed your Triops and watch them grow.


Monitor the water temperature daily.


Do not add eggs to the tank after the Triops hatch. The Triops are cannibals; they will eat the freshly hatched Triops. Do not keep your Triops in the same tank as other creatures. They may attack and eat them, even if the creature is larger.

Things You'll Need

  • Triops kit (tank, feeding pellets, nutrient pack, thermometer)
  • Bottled spring water or distilled water
  • Lamp (optional)
  • Paper plate
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