Well Cover Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If your new home has a well, then you have a well pipe sticking out somewhere in your yard. Often, these eyesores are in your front yard where they can be seen by passersby. You can create or purchase a well cover to conceal the well that seems like just another part of your landscape design.

Fake Boulders

There are a few companies that manufacture artificial rocks specifically to cover well pipes. The rock is taller than it is wide and is hollow in the centre. The rock slides easily over the pipe. If for some reason your pipe sticks out beyond the standard 12 inches, you will have to elevate the ground around the well to make up for the difference. You can pile a circle of rocks or build a mound of soil around the well. Once you have the fake rock in place, you can help it blend with your landscape by incorporating some real rocks next to it or planting a new flower bed. You should always call the well driller listed on the well cap before digging around the pipe.

Wishing Well

A wishing well placed over the pipe conceals the pipe and is a romantic addition to any yard. If you're not a craftsman, you can usually find these lawn decorations at roadside country markets. Once you have a wishing well, be sure to stain it your desired colour and coat it with protective polyurethane. To prevent the board on the base from rotting rapidly, arrange a few bricks around the well to keep the well off the ground. A well bucket hanging from a rope in the middle will make this piece look more realistic. You could also try planting some morning glories beside the well. As the flowers grow, they will weave themselves through the well.

Miniature Roof

If you have time to commit to a larger project, you could build a box around the well pipe and a lid to cover the well. Build a small foundation for the lid by laying breeze blocks one block high. Fill the holes with some spray foam insulation to protect the temperature around the well. Next, frame a lid with 2-by-4-inch boards. Give the lid a pitched roof and cover it with a building material that matches your own home, whether you have a tin roof or shingles. When you're finished, you'll have a handy well cover that matches your house.


Adding ornamental plants around the well is a simple well cover solution. Plant ornamental grasses or small bushes like hydrangeas around the pipe. Avoid planting thorny varieties, as bushes grow fast and you may need to access the well someday. If you want immediate coverage, purchase larger plants from a nursery or transplant some of your own from other parts of your yard. You could also try surrounding the well with potted plants or putting a hollow tree stump over it. For a slightly rustic vibe, turn an old wheelbarrow on its side in front of the well and add soil and mulch to make it look as though the wheelbarrow was dumped. The wheelbarrow blocks the view of the well on one side, and you also have the perfect place to plant flowers.

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