How to make jewellery out of silverware

Updated April 17, 2017

Making jewellery with silver cutlery is easy and fun for kids and adults. Sterling silver is malleable and bendable, so making bracelets (and even rings) from spoons and forks is simple. With just a few household items and a few minutes, you can show off your silverware trinkets.

Choose a piece of flatware for a ring or a bracelet. Soup/tablespoons and dinner forks lend themselves to bracelets, while teaspoons and shrimp forks can make great rings. Note: You are looking mainly at the stem of the silverware when judging its usability.

Measure your ring finger and/or your wrist so you can cut the silverware to length. The finished piece will likely not fit perfectly around your wrist/finger, but will be a little loose.

Saw off unwanted parts of the silverware with the hacksaw. For instance, you can remove the bowl of the spoon or the tongs of the fork if you are making a ring. Many people leave these parts on when making bracelets for a funkier look. As mentioned earlier, the utensils will usually not wrap super-close to the skin, so better to err on the side of caution and cut a little long--you can always cut it shorter later on.

Using the soft mallet or hammer wrapped in cloth, bend the spoon around the wrist or ring mandrel until the basic circle shape is complete.

Measure the rough circle against your wrist or ring finger. If you need to cut more silver off, you will have to unbend, cut and reshape once more.

Continue to shape the metal and smooth the shape, fitting it around your wrist or finger every once in a while to test its fit.

Heat the metal with the torch if you can't quite get the exact shape you want with bending and hammering. Depending on the silverware shape, detail, length and form, you may need the heat to smooth out kinks or imperfections.

Always let the metal heat completely before trying to fit it to your wrist or finger.

Things You'll Need

  • Fork or spoon
  • Hacksaw
  • Soft hammer (covered in rawhide) or hammer and cloth
  • Wrist or ring mandrel
  • Torch (optional)
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