How to Install a Dryer Vent Through a Concrete Foundation

Updated February 21, 2017

Keeping your dryer maintained and properly vented will improve the dryer's efficiency and help you save money. Venting the dryer also helps keep the dryer from overheating and posing a fire hazard. Installing an exterior dryer vent will allow the heat, moisture, lint and debris to escape outside to protect your laundry and your home. Placing a vent in a concrete wall takes the right tools and a bit of know-how.

Install the 1/2-inch masonry bit into your drill and tighten the drill chuck. Spray the outer wall with water to thoroughly wet the concrete where you wish to drill. Place the tip of the 1/2-inch bit against the wall and pull the trigger of the drill slowly. Allow the bit to slowly dig into the concrete. Apply pressure to the drill and drill a hole through the entire width of the wall. Remove the bit and wet the wall periodically to keep the bit lubricated.

Loosen the drill chuck, remove the 1/2-inch bit and replace it with the 2-inch hole saw. Tighten the drill chuck to secure the hole saw attachment. Wet the wall, slide the centre guide bit of the hole saw into your 1/2-inch hole and widen the hole to 2 inches with your hole saw. Remove the drill from the work site and soak the wall with water periodically for a smooth cut.

Replace the 2-inch hole saw in your drill with the 4 1/4-inch hole saw and tighten the chuck. Wet the wall and slowly widen the hole to 4 1/2 inches with the hole saw attachment. Periodically remove the drill and wet the wall to prevent damage to the tool and get a smooth cut.

Slide the centre tube of the inner half of the dryer vent into the hole. Mark the screw holes in the vent with your pencil. Remove the vent piece. Replace the hole saw with the 1/4-inch masonry bit. Drill into the pencil marks on the wall. Slide a plastic anchor into each hole. Tap them into the wall with your hammer.

Apply a thick bead of caulk around the back edge of the outer lip of the dryer vent, using the caulk gun. Slip the inner half of the dryer vent into the hole in the wall. Twist the vent to line up the screw holes. Twist a screw through each hole in the vent and tighten them with your screwdriver. Apply a bead of caulk around the outer perimeter of the vent and smooth the caulk by rubbing it with a wet cloth.

Slide the outer half of the vent into the wall from the outside. Mark the screw holes in the vent onto the wall with your pencil. Remove the vent, drill the screw holes and install the anchors. Tap the anchors into the wall with your hammer. Caulk and install the vent. Tighten the retaining screws to secure the vent to the wall. Caulk the outer perimeter and smooth the caulk with a wet rag.

Slide the adjustable vent pipe onto the inner vent and tighten the clamp on the pipe with your screwdriver. Allow the caulk to cure for one hour before using the dryer.

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy-duty corded drill
  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • 1/2-by-12-inch masonry bit
  • 2-inch masonry hole saw
  • 4 1/4-inch masonry hole saw
  • Pencil
  • 1/4-inch masonry bit
  • Plastic masonry anchors with retaining screws
  • Hammer
  • Nail set
  • Screwdriver
  • Caulk gun
  • Acrylic caulk
  • Wet cloth
  • Flexible dryer vent pipe with pipe clamp
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