How to Calculate Square Area in Meters

Any area measurement is a squared measurement because the formula for area is multiplying the length of an area by the width. When you multiply those measurements, the answer is a squared unit. The unit of measurement is immaterial. Whether you use inches, feet, centimetres or meters, the formula for area is the same. Calculate square area in meters by working the basic formula for area.

Measure the length of the area with a meter stick or a tape measure and write down that measurement. For example, measure the length of a garden plot to find it is 18 meters.

Measure the width of the area and write down that measurement. Continuing the same example, measure the width of the garden plot to find it is 13 meters.

Multiply the length measurement by the width measurement. Using the numbers from the example, you would multiply 18 meters by 13 meters to reach 234 square meters. This is the area of your garden plot in meters.


One meter equals approximately 3.3 feet. If you have an area measurement in feet, multiply that measurement by 0.3 to find the rough equivalent in meters.

Things You'll Need

  • Meter stick or metric tape measure
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Calculator
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