How to Find a Leak in an Inflatable Pool Ring

When air fills an inflatable pool ring, it serves a useful purpose to help keep a child afloat in the water and can also be an enjoyable toy. Unfortunately, inflatable pool rings are easy to puncture and you can easily find yourself with a deflated pool ring. Finding a leak in an inflatable pool ring will enable you to make repairs.

Pour approximately 1 inch of liquid hand soap into the spray bottle. Close the spray bottle lid tightly.

Blow the inflatable pool ring up so it is completely inflated. Close the air valve and make sure the valve closes tightly so no air escapes.

Spray the liquid hand soap liberally over the outside edges of the pool ring, concentrating the spray especially along seam areas.

Inspect the pool ring, looking for bubbles. As air escapes the pool ring, when it encounters the liquid soap, it will create bubbles. This will show you where the leaks are.


Alternatively, submerge the inflated pool ring in a bathtub or swimming pool. Squeeze the pool toy gently with your hands and check all surfaces of the pool ring as it is beneath the water so you can see where air bubbles are escaping from the pool toy. Where the air escapes through leaks underwater, you will see bubbles emerging.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid hand soap
  • Spray bottle
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