How to make a glass fire pit

Updated February 21, 2017

Glass fire pits provide a stunning twist to the standard fire pit display. These use glass fire pit rock, available from any dealer of fireplace and fire pit supplies, to make a glistening fire of almost any colour. Glass fire pits are especially interesting used in fire pits of modern design such as a long, narrow trough next to a swimming pool, or a vented indoor fire pit installed in a bedroom or in the middle of a living room. The effect is more refined and cleaner-looking than plain lava rock and is suitable for any fire pit container outfitted with either natural or propane gas.

Empty out and clean the fire pit.

Fill the bottom of the fire pit with a 2- to 3-inch layer of builder's sand.

Add lava rock, either whole or crushed, to the interior of the fire pit, on top of the sand but under the gas burner, until the rock reaches 2 inches from the top of the pit. Reposition the burner on top of the lava rock.

Fill the last 2 inches of available space inside the fire pit with fire pit glass so that it covers the gas burner. Use the fire pit as normal.


Fire pit glass comes in a wide variety of colours, from clear and white to aquatic green, blue, purple, orange and bronze. Colour-coordinate the glass with the decor around the fire pit for a cohesive design inside or out.

Things You'll Need

  • Sand
  • Lava rock
  • Fire glass
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