How to Swaddle an Anxious Dog

Updated July 20, 2017

Tellington Touch is an innovative, holistic method of relieving stress in animals. Also known as "TTouch," this distinct therapy uses human touch to help animals relax and focus. Adding on the theory that touch has a calming effect on animals, creator Linda Tellington-Jones developed a "TTouch body wrap" that utilises an elasticated bandage to apply comforting yet continuous pressure to a dog's skin. Many people report that anxious canines swaddled in a TTouch body wrap demonstrate greater confidence during stressful situations, such as thunder storms.

Observe your dog's behaviour. Wrap your dog while he is in a calm state, preferably after feeding or a gentle massage.

Stand over your dog. Place the elastic bandage across the dog's chest, just below the neck but above the front legs.

Cross the bandage over the top shoulder blades, making an "X" across the back.

Cross the bandage's ends under the dog's belly.

Bring the loose ends of the bandage back up and over the top of the dog's lower back and tie off.

Check the bandage to ensure that you have created a "figure 8" around your dog's body. Inspect the bandage for uniform pressure at all points.

Recheck the bandage periodically to see if retying the wrap is necessary.


If applying a body wrap is too cumbersome or inconvenient, elasticated "shirts" for dogs, such as the Anxiety Wrap and Thundershirt, can be purchased at most pet supply stores. These products offer many of the same benefits of the TTouch body wrap but require less effort. More extensive methods of wrapping may be needed and can be demonstrated by a certified TTouch practitioner. Body wraps can be left on for several minutes or throughout a stressful situation, such as a thunderstorm. Speak with your veterinarian about using a TTouch body wrap with other holistic treatments, such as herbs or acupuncture. Speak with a certified TTouch practitioner and your veterinarian if your dog continues to show signs of stress.


Never use the TTouch body wrap, holistic therapies or drugs on your dog without consulting your veterinarian first. Never leave a dog unattended with a wrap on. Always check that the wrap is snug and does not cause discomfort or constrict your dog's natural movement. Immediately remove the wrap if your dog seems stressed, anxious or uncomfortable by its application.

Things You'll Need

  • To swaddle an anxious dog, you will need the following:
  • Elastic or "ACE" bandage
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