How to convert scfm to cfm

Updated March 23, 2017

SCFM and CFM are acronyms that stand for standard cubic feet per minute and cubic feet per minute, respectively. CFM is usually referred to as ACFM in order to distinguish it from SCFM. ACFM stands for actual standard feet per minute. The difference between SCFM and ACFM is that SCFM indicates the flow rate of a gas in standardised conditions, while ACFM indicates the flow rate of gas in whatever the present conditions are. The specific conditions that influence both SCFM and ACFM are temperature, pressure and humidity.

Gather the necessary information. You will need to know the SCFM of the gas. You will also need to know the actual pressure, temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity that is present at the time of the conversion.

Use a "CFM Converter" website (see Resources).

Enter the information gathered in Step 1 into the appropriate text fields in the converter.

Click "Calculate." The CFM will automatically be displayed for your reference.


SCFM represents the flow rate of a gas given a standard temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, a pressure of 14.7 psi and a relative humidity of 36 per cent.

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