How to Create a New BT Folder for Internet Email

Written by gwen wark | 13/05/2017
How to Create a New BT Folder for Internet Email
Using folders helps to store and organise your mail. (posta image by DAN from

One of the great features of BT Internet services is the ability to access your BT mail through the Internet-based web mail program. This feature is perfect for when you are away from your main computer and need to access your messages. BT's Internet e-mail program also allows you to create folders to store and organise your messages, just like you would be able to do at home. Setting up your folders just takes a few mouse clicks.

Open your browser and navigate to BT's Internet e-mail site (see resources). Sign in to your BT Yahoo! Mail account by entering your BT e-mail address and password, then pressing the "Sign In" button.

Locate the "My Folders" section on the left navigation bar. This is where your personal e-mail folders will be located. Click on the "Add" link next to the "My Folders" section.

Enter a name for your new folder in the dialogue box, then press "OK." Your new folder will appear under the "My Folders" heading in alphabetical order. It is ready to store your e-mail.


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