How to make concrete set fast

Updated February 21, 2017

Concrete is an extremely useful material in many phases of construction. It is used for foundations, retaining walls, floors and even kitchen countertops. In addition, small batches of concrete are made to repair chipped and cracked surfaces. In these cases, a quick setting concrete is typically used. If you are not using a quick-setting concrete, you can pour the concrete during the best conditions for it to set quickly.

Purchase a quick-setting concrete mix. With these mixes, the concrete will set within 10 minutes of application. A popular brand of this concrete is Quikcrete. It is easily mixed with water and applied to cracks and chipped concrete surfaces.

Add an accelerator to concrete. Often the accelerator, calcium chloride, can be added to concrete to increase the setting time and strengthen the surface. It is best used in cold weather applications.

Pour the concrete in optimum conditions. The warmer the weather is, the quicker the concrete will set. Also, it is especially important that the concrete remains dry throughout the curing process.

Things You'll Need

  • Quick-setting concrete
  • Concrete accelerator
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