How to Open a Honeywell Thermostat

Written by kristan hart | 13/05/2017

Some Honeywell thermostats come with a cover to help hide and protect buttons you use to operate the thermostat. The cover makes the thermostat look less cluttered, because it hides the buttons, and it helps prevent those buttons from being bumped accidentally as people walk by. To get your Honeywell thermostat open, you need to learn how to open the Honeywell thermostat cover.

Examine the cover on your Honeywell thermostat. There are two types of thermostat protective covers for Honeywell. One type slides down and the other type swings open.

Grab hold of both sides of the cover on the Honeywell thermostat with the sliding cover.

Pull down gently on the sides of the cover and it will slide down. The cover doesn’t slide completely off; it will stop automatically when it’s down as far as it goes.

Feel around the edges of your Honeywell thermostat cover that swings open. On the top or the side you should feel a slight lip.

Put your fingertip on the lip and pull gently to open the cover.

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