How to Change a Starter Fluorescent Light

Written by damon koch | 13/05/2017
How to Change a Starter Fluorescent Light
A typical starter. (fluorescent light starter image by Edsweb from

A starter in a fluorescent bulb allows the current to flow through the bulb and provide light. Sometimes if the bulb lights on only the ends and is not old, it could be a sign that the starter is bad. The starter is located at one end of the fixture where the bulb plugs in and is a round piece that is about 1 inch in diameter. You can purchase a new starter from any home improvement store for about £1.90 in 2010.

Turn off the switch that controls the light you are repairing.

Remove any cover on the light fixture, and remove the fluorescent bulb by twisting it.

Find the end of the fixture that houses the starter.

Remove the starter by twisting it clockwise while pulling it out.

Install the new starter by pushing it in while twisting it counterclockwise.

Reinstall the fluorescent bulb, and turn on the light.

Things you need

  • Starter

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