How to Remove an ISP From a Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

As you change from one Internet service provider (ISP) to another, your computer keeps the old ISP's profile, connection information and other related files on its hard drive and within its settings. Having multiple ISPs on your computer usually doesn't cause conflicts within the operating system if the new ISP has indicated itself as the primary ISP. If your computer has been experiencing problems connecting to your new ISP, you can remove an old ISP from your computer system without the ISP's original installation discs.

Click "Start," "Control Panel."

Double-click on "Network Connections." The Network Connections dialogue box will open.

Right-click on the ISP you want to delete in the right pane. Select "Delete."

Click "Yes" when prompted with a question about if you sure you want to delete the ISP.

You have now removed the ISP you no longer want on your system.

Click on your Mac's hard drive icon located on your computer's desktop.

Locate the ISP's folder you want to delete. The folder may be in the "Applications" folder.

Drag the ISP's folder to your computer's "Trash Bin."

Navigate to the "Systems" folder. Navigate to the "Extensions" folder.

Drag any extensions related to the ISP to the "Extensions (Disabled)" folder. These extensions will have the ISP's name attached to them.

Click the Apple symbol in the upper-left corner of your screen. Select "Restart" to restart your computer.

Click "Special," "Empty Trash" to empty the Trash Bin after your Mac has restarted.

You have now removed the ISP you no longer want on your system.


If using a Windows system, the older ISP may be listed in the "Add/Remove Programs" dialogue box within the "Control Panel." If you see the ISP listed, you can delete the ISP through this function. If using a Windows 98 or earlier operating system, the ISP will be listed under "Dial Up Networking" if you were using a ISP that provided a dial-up connection.

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