How to sew a blanket with ribbon binding

Updated February 21, 2017

Once upon a time, sewing your own quilts and blankets was a skill most girls learnt at their mother's knee. Today, you might be more inclined to purchase a blanket at a discount store. With moderate sewing machine skills, you can sew a simple blanket with ribbon binding in about an afternoon. Using double-fold ribbon binding and fleece, your blanket will be completed and ready to use within hours. Fleece washes easily and is and a durable fabric that is warm and practical.

Multiply the width of the bed size by two. Multiply the length of the bed size by two. Add these two measurements together to get the inches of double-folded ribbon binding you need. One yard equals 36 inches.

Spread out the fleece flat on a bed or floor. If you are sewing a larger size, you may need to sew two lengths of fleece together, forming a centre seam in order to get the width necessary for your blanket. Use a 1-inch seam allowance for the most secure seam.

Insert the edge of the fleece into the 2-inch-wide double-folded ribbon binding, starting at a corner. Double-folded ribbon binding has no exposed fabric edges, eliminating the need to hem the binding before you attach it to the fleece. Pin every 2 inches through the top layer of binding, the fleece and the bottom layer of binding.

Make mitred corners. When you come to a corner, pin it and take the unpinned length of ribbon binding and fold it toward the next side's edge. The binding will form a triangle-type fold, or a mitred corner. Pin the fold, and continue inserting the fleece into the binding and pinning along the side. Repeat for the other corners.

Sew a wide zigzag stitch along the edges of the double folded ribbon binding along all the four sides of the fleece. Using the widest zigzag setting will ensure that you sew the edges of the bottom layer of ribbon binding as well as through the top layer. Remove pins as you sew.


Double-fold or single-fold ribbon blanket binding is available at fabric stores in prepackaged selections or by the yard. Also available is ribbon binding with an attached ruffle, which you can use on crib or feminine blankets, eliminating the need to gather and make your own ruffle. You can purchase fleece by the yard at the fabric store. It is available in prints and solids.

Things You'll Need

  • Fleece--Twin: 46-by-82 inches; full: 58-by-82 inches; queen: 70-by-82 inches; king: 82-by-82 inches
  • Double-folded 2-inch-wide ribbon binding
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
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