How to find replacement tile

Updated February 21, 2017

When tile chips or breaks accidentally, you need to replace it. If you know the exact make of tile you used or have extra tile on hand, this is a simple task. Finding replacement tile when you don't know what you've got can take some time. If several tiles come loose at once it could indicate a larger problem in your house, such as damage to your floor or house or mortar rot. If this happens, have a contractor or handyman assess the damage before you replace tile.

Check to see if you have any leftover tile from when you installed it. This is the best option for finding a perfect match.

Call the contractor who installed the tile. If the installation is not that old, the contractor might be able to locate the tile model information for you by reviewing his records. He might also have extra tile on his hands or be able to point you toward another homeowner who used the same tile and might sell you one or two extra tiles.

Locate tile sellers in your area. Bring the broken tile to the tile centre to see if you can locate a match. You might want to measure the dimensions or your tile or photograph your tile if you are unsure of the size.

Peruse tiles in stock at the tile centre. Ask an employee if she can order tile to match your broken tile. There might be a minimum order quantity.

Consider other options if the tile centre can't match your tile. Can you insert a contrasting colour? Does the centre have other tiles in your colour that have a pattern or design? You can purchase several accent tiles and work them into your tile pattern to create a design that looks elegant.

Find a tile manufacturing company. North Prairie Tileworks is one example. Call to discuss having replacement tile made for you. Does the tile manufacturer have your glaze, or can it provide a custom glaze at a reasonable cost? What is the minimum order quantity?

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