How to write a report for kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Writing a report for school is something that all students do many times. Different teachers, subjects and assignments will require different ways of writing reports, but here are some basic steps to help get you started.

Once you master the basics of writing reports, it will be a lot easier to work on more complicated assignments in the future.

Create an outline. A standard outline includes an introduction, three main ideas and a conclusion. For each of the three main ideas, come up with two or three supporting details. Remember, you aren't writing the whole report -- just write down the ideas that you want to write about.

Write the introductory paragraph. This is the very first paragraph in your report, and it should introduce the topic you will be discussing. For example, if this is a book report, you should tell your readers the name and author of the book and what sort of book it is. You may also choose to pose a question in your introduction, which will be answered throughout the rest of your report.

Write the body of the report. The body refers to the three (or more) paragraphs in the middle of the report. These are the main ideas you wrote down in your outline. Use one idea for each paragraph and fill it in with supporting details.

Using our example of a book report, if one of the main ideas is a theme from the story, tell about a couple of things that happened in the book to lead you to this idea.

Write a conclusion. This is the last thing you should write in your report. A conclusion typically tells what you learnt about the subject of your report. In other words, summarise the most important ideas in your report and, if possible, give your own analysis of the subject.

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