How to sharpen ceramic knives

Updated February 21, 2017

You can quickly sharpen ceramic knives at home to restore their edge and usability. For many years the only way to get a ceramic knife sharpened was to send the knife back to the company or find a professional knife sharpener with a motorised diamond wheel. Ceramic knife sharpeners made from industrial quality diamonds are now available for use at home. Care for your ceramic knives with regular home sharpening sessions, and keep them sharp and ready for action.

Place the diamond sharpener on a flat stable surface like a table or kitchen counter.

Hold the diamond sharpener in place as you insert the heel of the knife into the sharpening groove. Pull the knife backwards toward your body as you press it lightly into the groove.

Repeat this process 5 to 7 times for each knife you intend to sharpen. Use lighter and lighter pressure on the knife for each pass through the sharpener.

Wipe the length of the ceramic knife blade clean with a slightly damp kitchen towel. This step helps to remove the ceramic dust that is generated during the sharpening process.

Things You'll Need

  • Diamond sharpener
  • Kitchen towel
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