How to make a portable garden fence

Portable fences protect young seedlings from pets and children or add privacy within the garden until plants begin to grow larger. A portable garden fence is simple to construct and erect and takes up little space when stored. Though it doesn't prevent pests such as rabbits from entering the garden area, it does stop trampling from pets and can be used to deter deer. It is also easy to move to different areas of the garden as your needs change over the growing season.

Measure the maximum length your fencing needs to be. If enclosing raised beds, measure the outside of the bed. If your fencing length needs vary, decide on the maximum length needed for fencing.

Purchase 3- to 6-foot bamboo poles or concrete reinforcing rods, also called rebar, for the fence supports. Use the higher posts for deer or privacy and shorter posts to redirect foot and pet traffic. Purchase one support for every 4 feet of fencing.

Purchase plastic snow fencing or plastic mesh fencing in a roll from a home improvement store. Use black snow fencing for privacy, orange snow fencing if appearance doesn't matter and plastic mesh if you desire a subtle fence or deer fence.

Set your pole into the ground every 4 feet. Attach one end of the fencing mesh to the first post with plastic zip ties spaced every 6 inches along the pole. Cut off the excess ends of the zip ties to avoid scratches.

Unroll the mesh until you reach the next post. Attach the mesh with zip-ties. Continue unrolling and attaching the fencing to the poles until you reach the last pole.

Cut off any excess mesh after attaching it to the last pole. Pull up the poles from the ground and roll up the fence for storage. When ready to use, unroll and stick the poles into the ground to support the fence.


Tie white cloth to the centre of the fencing if trying to discourage deer. This helps them see the fence in the dark, making them more likely to turn away from it.


Portable fencing does not work well with rabbits, as they can go underneath it. To discourage rabbits, erect a permanent fence that has the bottom buried 6 inches under the soil level.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Bamboo poles
  • Snow fence
  • Plastic mesh fencing
  • Zip ties
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