How to light a pilot light on a gas oven

Updated April 17, 2017

Perform a simple oven repair on your own by relighting your gas oven pilot light. If your kitchen smells just a little bit like gas and you can't light your stove, your pilot light may be out. A pilot light is necessary to light gas ovens that do not have an electric ignition. Rather than calling a professional for stove repair for this simple problem, save money and learn more about your stove by safely lighting your pilot light on your own.

Inspect the air for a strong smell of gas. A slight smell of gas is normal if the pilot light is out, but a strong smell of gas could indicate a serious problem.

Locate the access panel to your gas oven pilot light. If you still have the product manual, consult it for clues regarding the location of the pilot light for your specific oven model. Lacking a product manual, the pilot light is most often behind an access panel in the back of the grill compartment, requiring you to move the oven out to light the pilot.

Remove the cover to the pilot lot and clear any debris that might be affecting its burn. Light a camping lighter or long match and bring it close to the pilot light until the flame is lit.

Cover the pilot light, close the access hatch and return the oven to its normal position.


If you have a gas stove with electric ignition, you may need to replace the electric ignition hardware to get the stove to light.


If you smell gas strongly or become dizzy or faint while working near a blown-out pilot light, stop what you are doing and leave the room.

Things You'll Need

  • Camping lighter or candle torch
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