How to reference enclosures in a cover letter

Updated March 23, 2017

Enclosures are the documents that you send to a recipient along with your cover letter. Oftentimes, the additional pages can get lost in transit, especially if you are faxing the information to someone. It is important to notify the recipient, on the cover sheet, that there are additional pages that make this communication complete. If any pages are missing, she can then contact you to request them before making a decision regarding your inquiry. It is very simple to reference enclosures on a cover letter.

Finish writing your letter. After closing with, for example, "Best regards" or "Sincerely yours" and then your name, press "Enter" two times (placing the cursor two lines below your name).

Type "Enclosure" or "Enclosures." Type the number of additional pages that are enclosed, other than the cover letter, in parentheses. For instance, if you have five invoices that you want the person to look at in addition to your letter, type in "Enclosures (5)" (without the quotation marks).

List the name or title of each enclosure if you have many (more than five) that are very important. This is optional and should only be done if you feel it is a dire need or will add significant value to the letter. For instance, if the cover letter is a communication regarding research that you have just completed and the enclosures are article references, you might want to list the title of each enclosure.

Add the titles below "Enclosures:" in sentence case (only the first letter of the title should be capitalised) as a numbered list. See "Don't Let Enclosures Escape Your Business Letter" under "Resources" below for an example. Be sure to add a colon after "Enclosures" in this case.


If someone else, such as a secretary or business partner, typed this letter on your behalf, have him type in his initials at the very bottom of the letter (two lines down from the "Enclosure" reference).

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