How to remove a bathroom pedestal sink

Updated February 21, 2017

When you start a bathroom remodelling project, you may find that it is necessary to remove a pedestal sink. Removing a pedestal sink is not much different from removing any other kind of bathroom sink; however, the space-saving nature of the pedestal sink creates a couple of unique considerations to keep in mind. There are different kinds of pedestal sinks, but removing one is a fairly standard job.

Turn off the water supply to the sink. In some cases, you can just turn off the water control knob on each of the water feeds for the sink. If you do not have water control knobs on your sink, go to where your water supply comes into the house and turn off the water for the entire house.

Disconnect the water feed pipes that bring the water from the wall to the faucet. You can disconnect these pipes at both ends and remove them completely.

Remove the faucet knobs from the faucet controls and then lift the faucet fixture out of the sink.

Disconnect the p-trap from the wall. This may be a standard p-trap pipe or, as is the case with many pedestal sinks, it may be a special connection built into the pedestal. Use a plumber's wrench to disconnect the p-trap, if necessary.

Analyse how the pedestal sink is attached to the wall. Remove any hardware that may be stabilising the sink to the wall. Not every pedestal sink is secured to the wall with extra hardware, but to avoid damage to your wall, remove hardware if it exists.

Lift the sink basin off of the pedestal carefully and place it out of the way.

Examine the base of the pedestal to see if the base is secured to the floor in some way. If it is secured to the floor, remove the bolts or nuts securing the pedestal base and then remove the base itself.


A pedestal sink is sometimes secured to the wall and the floor in ways that standard bathroom sinks are not. Be very thorough in your removal of the pedestal sink and follow these steps exactly to avoid damage to your floor or walls.

Things You'll Need

  • Plumber's wrench
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